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'Redefining you'

Jo Williamson

Redefining you Director, Counsellor and  Hypnotherapist

After ten years as a Secondary School Drama teacher I decided to take a career break to start a family. As my children got older I found myself thinking of returning to work and I was drawn to retraining as a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. A decision I have never regretted.

The further I got into my training I realised just how many people struggle with their mental health in today's society. The more I heard how people were struggling to access counselling without a long wait or at a price they could afford. This is what gave me the passion to set up Redefining You

At some point or another we all desire to change or improve the quality of our lives which Redefining You can help you do just this. I will facilitate a process that allows for your own self-mastery, enabling you to gain insight and heal yourself. Don’t wait - reach out today and take the first steps towards your new life.

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