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Terms and Conditions


All interactions (conversations, email, etc.) will remain strictly confidential, meaning that we will not share any information provided by you with anyone without your express consent unless the practitioner feels that I or someone else are in danger, in which case disclosures will be kept to a bare minimum necessary for my protection or the protection of a third party. In certain cases information may be shared with a supervisor for a second opinion. They will keep any information disclosed to them strictly confidential.


Commitments and Integrity

If we make a promise to you, this promise will be kept – in the way promised and in the time frame promised. If, in exceptional circumstances only, we are unable to keep a commitment, you will notified as soon as we know of the need for change. We will deal with you at the highest standards of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and respect. We will let you know if at any point in time that we feel that our involvement is not likely to make a positive difference in your life and/or business. By the same token, we expect you to keep any promises or commitments made during our sessions, including homework.



We am not here to judge “right” or “wrong”. Our position as therapist is to help you get the life you want. As there may be times when you will share information that may make you vulnerable, we assure you that we will treat your choices and actions (past, present, or future) with respect.



Give and ask for feedback as much as possible. Let us know when something is working for you, as well as when something is not. The earlier the better. If any one working for Redefining You ever does or says anything that upsets you, please bring it to our attention so that we can resolve it as soon as possible. Our objective is to have a relationship that is fully open, honest, real and trusting!



It is important for us to keep our appointments, for your benefit, as well as the benefit of my other clients. 24-hour notice is required to cancel an appointment; We reserve the right to charge the full fee for a session cancelled with less than 24-hours notice. If you are delayed for an appointment, please call your therapist to let them know. Unfortunately room deposits may be non-refundable even when 24 hours notice is given.


Payment is required on day of appointment by cash or balance transfer. A deposit may be required to cover room hire cots which will be deducted from the cost of your session. This deposit will be required on booking of appointment.

The National Counselling Society and The Hypnotherapy Society

Jo Williamson, Director of Redefining You, is a member of The National Counselling Society and The National  Hypnotherapy Society. All staff at Redefining You proudly abide by the code of professional practice and ethics set out by these societies. If you have any concerns about the service you receive and you feel unable to discuss this with myself, please contact the National Counselling or Hypnotherapy Society.


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