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Counselling at Redefining You

Having trained in Pluralistic Counselling and Hypnotherapy I was keen to use my skills to help people and address some of the issues I saw in most counselling available:

  • Private counselling sessions often cost upwards of £60 which not everyone can afford

  • Counselling through the NHS often comes with a waiting list which when you realise you want help you don't want to have to wait months to start counselling

  • NHS counselling usually has a set number of sessions which very few problems can be resolved in just 6 sessions.

My aim with setting up Redefining You is to provide counselling that:

  • takes into account the financial situation of the individual client,

  • aims for clients to be seen within two weeks

  • does not limit the number of sessions available to each client

What we provide

'Redefining you' aims to provide confidential Counselling to help you to Redefine yourself.

Whether that is; helping you to deal with an event in your past, helping you to develop strategies to better manage situations or to support you through a difficult time.

We are here to be a non-judgemental ear for you to talk through and make sense of issues and situations in your life.


We are here to help you join up the dots to make things make sense

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How it works

Once you get in touch with 'Redefining you' you will be invited to an initial consultation where you will be matched with a suitable therapist for you.

This consultation will cost £15.

In this consultation a price for your sessions will be agreed due to your income and other financial considerations a rough guide to the price you can expect to pay is

          Client's income            Charge per session

          Under £15,000                     £20

          £15,000 - £20,000              £25

          £21,000 - £30,000              £30

          £31,000 +                               £40


For client's referred to Redefining you and in some certain qualifying situations the cost of sessions may be reduced

Counselling sessions via remote video are available for £15

'Redefining you' subsidises appointments with funding and private donations -

The only thing that is reduced is the price you pay -  not the quality of your counselling

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